Internet Explorer is a full featured web browser, developed by Microsoft Inc. in 1995. It is one of the most widely used and popular web browsers currently. Net Applications ranks it as the #1 web browser based on the dimension of user base. However, recently released web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, and Safari have encircled Microsoft with a strict competitive atmosphere. IE has been criticized on several terms in comparison to contemporary web browsers. But it still remains one of the oldest web browsers, and was introduced much before Google evolved as a search engine. IE has stood the taste of time but some users may be disappointed over some of its features and peculiar behaviors  Opinions differ over what are the advantages and disadvantages of its usage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Explorer


One of the major advantages of IE is that it is available for free. It has reached all nations with internet connectivity. It is also present by default with any version of Windows operating system. However, some specific features associated with Internet Explorer denote its advantages or disadvantages over contemporary web browsers. Internet Explorer, a web browser with potential benefits and conventional disadvantages, this is how I am going to evaluate this web tool.

The versions 9 and above of Internet Explorer use HTML 5, which enhances browsing experience. This lets a user stream videos and audios exempting any requirements of installing additional plugins IE being one of the oldest and conventional web browsers support a broad array of applications, which some modern web browsers may not support. IE aids in reopening latest browsing sessions, which a user might have accidentally closed.


Users may face an issue regarding the speed of Internet Explorer. Surveys reveal that though IE is a conventional web browser, it is considered slower than Google Chrome in some regions. There are limited options for customization in Internet Explorer. Compared to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, IE offers fewer add-ons, extensions and plugins. Alternating various features of Internet Explorer through plugins and extensions are not that possible with internet Explorer.

Users may find it less fascinating to stick to the same appearance of their primary web browser. Customization of tool bars is also quite limited on IE. There is no track filtering feature in IE. You cannot import or store a customized list of blocked websites.  Security implements on Internet Explorer still need to be improved. As it is a conventional web browser, phishing attacks and scam organizers target IE the most. So, tech-surveys often emphasize on farther improvement of Internet Explorer security tools.

Why Is It Widely Used

Some people may put a question on why is it so widely used then. Though Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other intensely reliable and customizable browsers surround IE within a competitive sphere, people may find IE as a simpler, easier to use web browser due to its availability and ease of access. Moreover, it is highly compatible with all versions of the most popular OS, Microsoft Windows and it exists in Windows by default.

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