sitemapSitemap is an overview of the hierarchy of pages within a website. Sitemap of a website will include all possible categories of the website. Visitors will find it easy to get the required information from sitemap as all pages are arranged in a graphical manner.

How to create sitemap
It must be designed in such a way that it includes most of the information regarding the structure of pages linked with one another within the website.

Using graphical sitemap is the best method of describing the pages in a website, as one can click on the image and get to the desired location. Sitemap of a smaller website can be created in a paragraph, where all pages are explained with their hierarchy.

Why sitemap is needed
Sitemap is created for convenience of visitors of your site. It is a diagrammatic representation of all pages that are linked within your website. Sitemap is also greatly useful when it comes to search engine optimization. If found, search engines index the sitemap of a website first and place the site in the SERPs accordingly. So it is important that you represent the pages of your site properly to the search engine bots/crawlers. At the end of the day, it helps you get more visitors for your website.

 Things you should know about sitemap
Every website should have a unique sitemap. For this, first of all, the webmaster needs to check the usage and requirement of visitors and then draw a suitable sitemap for the website.

We see sitemap in various places like zoo, road signs, museum etc  besides the virtual ones in the websites. Both serve the same purpose of showing the right path to the visitors. The idea is not new; just a conversion of mode from offline to online.

Thinks to remember for good sitemap

  • Keep a link of your sitemap on the homepage of your website. 
  • Don’t use dynamic name for your sitemap rather let it be simply “sitemap”.
  • It should not be the primary navigator but it should be the complimentary one.
  • Try to link all pages in your sitemap.
  • It’s a good idea to add description about the page contents while preparing a sitemap.
  • Use different colors for visited links and non-visited ones.
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