Small businesses always used to be faced with the challenge of having to find a way to expand their customer base and grow into a larger more well known and successful business. While there is certainly still a challenge, thanks to the internet smaller businesses have a greater opportunity to try and compete with some of the larger companies. Thanks to the internet, it is possible for smaller businesses to reach out to a clientele all over the world. For starting businesses, WordPress is one of the most well used CMS (content management service). Part of what makes WordPress so viable is the fact that it can work in conjunction with many other programs and services, such as the popular MailChimp service.


MailChimp is an incredibly useful service that allows for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. This lets customers subscribe to the website and receive any messages, such as newsletters detailing any special sales or savings that might be going on. MailChimp has another useful feature that grants businesses the ability to see records of their sales, letting them see what sales and specials are generating an increase in revenue. MailChimp and WordPress are designed to be compatible with each other, and there are even a number of plugins available to give businesses even more options.


AutoChimp is a plugin that directly related to both WordPress as well as MailChimp. What it does is allow an update to instantly be sent out to any group on MailChimp the moment that WordPress has been updated. The business has the option of making it so there’s just a notification about the new post, or even having the new post directly sent via email to any of the selected groups on MailChimp. Subscribers can choose with AutoChimp whether or not they want to receive these messages, since MailChimp can separate groups, that way customers won’t be annoyed by getting email notifications they aren’t interested in.

MailChimp List Subscribe Form

This plugin is focused on making an easy to access signup option on WordPress, which will then link up to groups registered in MailChimp. There are a few limited options in how to set up templates for the signup form. Most of the time businesses will opt to make a simple widget that appears on a sidebar given the option for the viewer to subscribe.


Analytics360 is a plugin that not only works with WordPress and MailChimp, but it also uses Google Analytics, an incredibly useful program for business owners who want to keep track of how popular their site is. This all works in conjunction with MailChimp’s ability for businesses to see their financial records, giving them a better idea of what is and isn’t generating interest from their customers.

Because of their popularity, there are a number of other plugins available as well, so many that it can be hard to find a comprehensive list that details each one. Businesses will want to narrow their searches to generalized areas, such as searching specifically for templates or financial reports. The number of plugins can be overwhelming, but ultimately the number of options means an increase in customization, so as long as the businesses don’t mind doing a little bit of searching, they will have plenty of options to get the plugin that works best for them.

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