SEO for Daycare BusinessDaycare has become a competitive industry, and increasing numbers of savvy daycare providers use online marketing to reach prospective parents through Internet searches. You can be sure your daycare’s website will be at the top of search engine page rankings with some basic search engine optimization

[SEO] techniques.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Use Keywords Judiciously

While you want to be sure to utilize keywords specific to daycare in your website’s content, overdoing it will send red flags to Google and other search engines. Keyword stuffing is easily picked up by the web crawlers, and from a customer perspective, the information in your website or blog will not be easy to read or even make sense.

For example, if your daycare prides itself on extra-sanitary procedures with infants, mention the keyword “diapers” at a maximum of twice every 100 words or so. Usually one keyword per page is plenty, and you would do well to find synonyms such as “nappies” to get your message across in longer text passages. Good SEO sometimes means less is more, especially where keywords are concerned.

Fresh Content

A simple SEO step is to keep content fresh and updated. Both readers and search engines get tired of old, stale content that is rarely revised. In addition to changing the news and events pages of your website, consider adding a blog. Be sure to post two to three times per week no matter how busy you are.

Potential customers are always looking for practical tips and information for their children, and there are a myriad of topics you can tap into as subjects. Use your own expertise. If you love to cook and have great ways to get kids to eat healthy meals and cost-saving ideas for eating out, you’ll be seen as a trusted source of valuable information. And potential clients will typically gravitate to a daycare provider that has demonstrated real concern for family wellbeing over profits alone.

Guest Blog

Guest blogging is a great way to build the kind of links that are valued by Google. Regular blog posts in related topic areas are particularly good for driving traffic to your site, both through higher search engine results and directly from the blog link. You’ll be seen as an authority in your field, and the exposure will increase your credibility to prospective clients.

Good blogs for a daycare business would include child-related websites in your local area. You might contact a local pediatrician’s office and write a series on health concerns to look out for at daycare centers, or target healthy snacks at daycare by collaborating with a local health food store’s blog.

Utilize Social Media

More and more search engines are incorporating social media into their results, making platforms like Twitter an easy way to drive traffic to your website. In particular, Twitter’s short 140-character format makes it a quick way to interact online. By organizing key Tweeters into Lists, you can also be strategic about reaching key influencers.

For example, you might have lists of Twitter accounts in your area that provide products and services to infants such as diaper services pediatricians, baby food purveyors, and kids’ consignment shops. Interacting with the members of these lists will expand your reach to their followers, who are also interested in all things child-related, as well as getting your message to a targeted group instead of the entire Twitterverse.

SEO is not complicated if you just stick to a few simple rules and integrate some basic techniques. But first and foremost, remember to always put your customers’ concerns first in your website content — the rest will follow naturally.

Sarah Boisvert writes on a wide variety of topics including marketing, SEO, and social media. She also covers new manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing and STEM education.

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