A Real Person, A Lot Like YouThe video actually showcases two scenarios on how people deal with others online in inappropriate ways. In the first scenario, it is all about Sarah, an owner of a small online business that she managed for 12 years in the best way possible. One day, a client sent her a harsh 10 page email on how her account was mishandled. Sarah spent a week crying and depressed, thinking of giving up or considering that she was not good enough for her job for 12 years. After spending 5 hours reading the 10 page email, she decided to offer advice, suggestions, connections, a refund and an additional $50. She eventually decided to call the client and found out that she was not at all upset and was only having a hard day, believing that her email will not be read. Of course, this greatly affected Sarah.

In the second scenario, Valerie loves to take part in an online dating service in order to meet her magic man as what she claims. There were several men who showed interest in her, but after reading the genuine letter from several men, she considers them losers and deleted all the emails. In both scenarios, even though we are using mechanical things such as cars and in both cases, the Internet, it is not right to act in harsh or inappropriate ways. It can be dehumanizing if we act so carelessly since what is behind the screen are actual persons that have feelings. These individuals are affected by the harsh words and inappropriate actions of other people. Always take note that you have to behave appropriately when using the Internet, just like when you are actually dealing with the person face to face. Even if you were being rudely treated by others at some point, it is not advisable to do the same to others.

Video: Derek Sivers – A Real Person, A Lot Like You
(Released on YouTube in July, 2011)

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