If you are looking for a great tool to increase the user experience of your website then AddThis smart layers is the right tool for you. AddThis smart layers is a tool that will truly add traffic, engagement and fans to your site. If you are wondering how you can have such nice features on your site then all you need to know is that you will simply have to add a code snippet to your website! It is that easy and uncomplicated!

But what does AddThis smart layers do to your site that is so special? Well, AddThis will link your page to the right social media websites available today (sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others). You will be able to share certain pages or content of your site’s content without having your whole website involved on it. For example you can have a main page with different texts that you would like to share with different social media websites.

It is simply wonderful that AddThis can be used in multiple platforms including tablets and mobiles! Using such feature website managers were able to notice that the traffic more than doubled once they started using this incredible layers on their sites. The engagement of these very same sites were increased by almost 3 times. It is also good to know that such tool increased people’s usage of such sites on mobiles/ tablets. After all, there is nothing worse than having share buttons that does not cope with mobiles and tablets nowadays.

Video: AddThis SmartLayers
(YouTube Release: Jul 11, 2013) 

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