This time videos will help you understand a little bit more regarding your advertisement units and how you will be able to control them. The first video will help you understand more about the high performing ad units.

The units allow users to show advertisements in a much more neatly and organized manner. For example, the high performing units will allow the user to read the ads better and also will help the advertiser display more advertisements per unit. The most common high performing measurements are:

Wide skyscraper = 160×600
Medium Rectangle = 300×250
Leaderboard = 70.28×90

It is important to use such measurements because not only will they look much nicer on the web but top quality advertisers are only using such high performing units. These high performance units make a difference for the design and also the general quality of your website.

Video: AdSense Optimization: Upgrade to High-Performing Units
(YouTube Release:  Sep 20, 2010)

It is possible to create your very own high performing units (watch the video embedded below) from the comfort of your home. You can do it all thanks to the Google AdSense platform. The first step is to open My Ads and then click on create new unit. There you will find the measurements of your new advertisement unit and finally be able to create it. You can select sizes, colors, add a title, choose the font, colors and much more. It is important to remember that the nicer your ad is the nicer it will be seen at the Ad Auction.

Video: Creating An Ad Unit
(YouTube Release:  Apr 5, 2011)

You can find relevant facts about Ad Auctions at the following video:

Video: Introduction to the Ad Auction
(YouTube Release: Sep 8, 2010)

The more relevant your advertisement is to the content of the page, the best! The ad auction will also help the advertisers see how much they will receive per click on their ad units. The nicer and more relevant the ad is, the nicer will be the price paid for the advertiser!

You will also be able to control your ads thanks to the AdSense platform. Check this video out for detailed information on the matter:

Video: Ad Review Center
(YouTube Release: Apr 5, 2011

There you can run the ads immediately or even hold them for 24 hours so reviews can be made. Such tool will help you increase your revenue because you will be able to analyse and see if the ad is exactly the way that you would like it to be.

You may also allow and block sites whenever you would like to. It is easy, all you have to do is follow the steps from the video:

Video: Allow and Block Ads
(YouTube Release: Apr 5, 2011)

However this will reduce the ad competition on your website and reduce your general earnings.

If you would like to know how much you were able to earn thanks to a specific ad unit you can use such feature of the AdSense platform. You can see graphics and see your earnings per site of the ad unit that you have created. You can also find out what is affecting your earnings and how you will be able to improve them. Check the following videos for more information. One will help you with reporting and the other will help you with the reports  ! It is easy and fast!

Video: Advanced AdSense Reporting
(YouTube Release: Apr 5, 2011)

Video: AdSense Performance Reports
(YouTube Release: Apr 5, 2011)

You can have your advertisement units neatly organized and set in categories thanks to the custom channels.
Check out the video for complete instructions (also provided by the AdSense platform):

Video: Custom Channels
(YouTube Release: Apr 5, 2011)

First you go to your my ads tab and then select custom channels on the left box. There you click on the option “+ new custom channel”. Done! You are now ready to organize your ad units in a much better way!

You can have extra support thanks to the Google WebMaster tools, which were created especially for those who are into the internet world as a businessperson! It is totally worth your time! You can check two advanced videos on the subject by clicking the following links:

Video:  AdSense Additional Publisher Resources Part One
(YouTube Release:  Mar 24, 2010)

Video: AdSense Additional Publisher Resources Part Two 
(YouTube Release: Mar 24, 2010)

Thanks for reading!
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