google adsense policyFor those who use AdSense there are a number of rules that should be followed. In fact there are several rules that some people tend to ignore or simply just do not want to follow. There’s no doubt that you will be on the safer side if you follow AdSense policies properly. Keeping a page family-safe is essential nowadays, that way more users will be able to find your page and use it properly. Not only the public gets with it, but you, web developers, designers, SEO consultants and publishers also do! Let’s take a look further on these policies!

AdSense wants to help people only find safe and socially acceptable content online, therefore no nude pictures or recordings are allowed. According to AdSense policies, it is also not allowed to use pictures with people that are wearing little clothing or even sheer clothing. This policy was made so everyone will have a chance to surf online without having to face images or videos that are not nice to eye, if you get what I mean.

In case you are wondering about Fetish objects, well, these are also not allowed. Certain written content e.g. content with racial comments will also not be allowed, hence the fact that it can be offensive to most people. Another things that is important to always keep in mind is the name of your web page. There are some names that scream profanity, in case your page is like that, then forget it, AdSense will certainly not allow that. AdSense counts with several professionals that analyse the pages every single day, so in case you are thinking on sneaking in, then it will certainly not work. The safer your content is the better your site will be. As long as you avoid provocative content, then you will certainly not face any kind of trouble with the AdSense staff. Keep that in mind and everything will run as smoothly as possible with the team!

Video: AdSense Tips: Keeping your site family-safe
(YouTube Release:  May 2013)

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