advertorialsAdvertorials and Native advertising are types of advertising that are similar to editorial content. There are people that pay webmasters/web publishers to have different links placed on their web pages, this is not fair and not acceptable by the ranking made by Google. Well if you would like to never have trouble with the Advertorials or Native advertising you place on your web page then you should follow some simple guides provided by Matt Cutts, an experienced Google worker. For example paid links should never overflow the PageRank of your web page. If you have these sponsored links okay, however it is good to have them clearly put on the page. You can made it obvious by adding a “sponsor’s link” indication close to the link. You should never hide the links or make users dig all over the page to find it, that would certainly not be good for your web page.

The clearer your page is the better the users will relate to your page. Imagine being a user that checks out your site and does not know the content that he has just read was paid content? They would certainly be extremely frustrated. It can make you lose several viewers, because once they notice that the information on your site is paid content then they will certainly be much disappointed and never go back to your page again. This interesting video is very clear and explains that Advertorials and Native advertising can certainly be done, however you should always let users know in case the content was paid by sponsors or any kind of advertisers. The Web Spam of Google is keeping a very close eye to find web pages that do not say that their content was paid. If the Google Spam Team finds out any paid content that was not disclosed properly on the web page the team will take the web page out of the web.

Video: Advertorials
(YouTube Release: May, 2013)

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