ad auction worldBefore selecting ads to go to a website a long and special analysis must be done. This analysis must be done because there are certain kinds of ads to specific sites. After all, you want the right ads to your site right?! This video will help you understand a little bit more on how the Ad Auction of Google Adsense works.

One of the first steps of this analysis is determining the eligible ads for your content pages. The video will show us that through some simple steps you will be able to get the right ads for your page. There are millions of ads available for Google Adsense publishers, however if you narrow down your search you will be able to get what best fits your webpage. The more ads you find the more competitive your Ad Auction will be.

As a second step once the system has found the most eligible ads for your needs the ad holders will determine how much they are willing to pay for clicks, just like an average auction in real life! But you might be wondering how these advertisements are rated. The quality score is what determines whether an ad will be good for you or not. There are some ways we can know if the ad is truly good. For instance the system will evaluate the results this particular ad had in the past, the relevance and keywords to your site and finally the advertiser’s landing page quality.

The video will also give viewers an interesting ad auction example of Google Adsense, explaining how it works! The ad auction is a very interesting and tricky thing! Make sure you check this video before choosing the ads for your site! It will be of great help!

Video: An Introduction to the Ad Auction World
(YouTube Release: September, 2010)

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