google-authorship-markupIf you are a web developer then you should really be in tune with the link markups done on html5 web pages. Well, if you still do not know what it means then let’s go over it with simple words. This Authorship markup will allow web developers to link their Google profile or personal information in general to their websites where they publish any sort of content. This is a very useful way to link these two things and make the best out of your business and creativity.

Even though Google is still developing this interesting feature, many web developers are already using this tool. Google have the person’s photo show up right beside their results. If you are still wondering why a photo is important, well if people are looking for your content and they find a picture of yourself attached to the web page they will certainly access that page and look up the content, since a picture gives a lot more confidence to the users.  Not only will this tool allow help web users find trustworthy information, but it will also allow Google to rank pages according to their importance and quality.

But how can one implement this great feature after all? Well, the whole process is quite simple. The following video will help you understand about the whole process. You will get here full details on how to implement the Authorship markup on your links. Depending on your case the process will be slightly different, however very simple nonetheless. Therefore, if you would like to have more people connected to your pages and seeing who you truly are, make sure you give this Google Authorship tool a try. You will certainly find it is extremely useful and easy to handle.

Video: Authorship markup
(YouTube Releases: August, 2011)

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