People sometimes are unlucky enough to get notices saying that their web page links are bad and that they should be removed. Although Google might send you such notice, it often does not show any examples of what bad links would truly be. Let’s ponder about it for a few minutes. If your business is genuine and has nothing else like it available on the web, Google might as well “think” that such links are also fake though they are really not.

Bad links/irrelevant links/fake or unnatural links  to your website can be either found in your own website or somewhere else in the web. If you think that you may have some bad links in your website, then check and double check, find them out  and remove them from your site. Next you need to get a list of backlinks to your site. If some of those links look unnatural, then use Google Disavow tool to get rid of them. Although Google Webmaster Tools can be quite useful it is still has some gaps that are being corrected over time, no samples of bad links is certainly one excellent example of things that Google is working towards fixing. Some web developers and site administrators ask Google to send them examples of the bad links, however Google never replies. It is important to understand that Google deals with millions of people from all over the world. Although we expect to have a detailed answer from the company we unfortunately will not. We will learn that Google usually sends either a yes or no whenever you wish to have something fixed. You can go to your Google Webmaster Tools and fill in a form for more detailed information. This form will go through and then you will probably get a more specific answer about your issue.

Make sure you check your page with Google Webmaster Tools and try to find the links on your own. Perhaps this will help you solve the issue quicker. Instead of waiting for Google to reply you may also visit forums and discuss with other people like you how to fix the issue. Google is constantly trying to improve the way they deal with costumers. It may take some time, however Google always tries to make things as transparent as possible, especially for web developers just like you.

Video: How can I get examples of bad links to my site?
(YouTube Release: Jul 15, 2013)

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