Managing a website is no easy task. Not only do webmasters have to concern themselves with the content of their site and making sure that everything is running, but they also need to consider where they are placed in Google search rankings. In order to draw in visitors, websites need to place high on search engines, otherwise they are going to fade into obscurity and struggle to find any sort of audience. Over the summer Google was working on making changes to their search algorithms by introducing Hummingbird. One of the big announcements with Hummingbird was that 90% of websites worldwide were going to be affected by the changes. This video by Lisa Irby will mainly highlight the recent changes in Google search and AdSense.

Webmaster Concerns

It is easy for webmasters to panic when they hear that 90% of the sites are going to be effected by Hummingbird, but the reason so many sites are affected is because even small changes to a search algorithm will naturally have an effect. Mostly though, the changes are minor as many times refinements are designed to filter out spam or malicious websites that were designed to cheat the system, usually to draw users into watching ads which generates the site money. Perhaps the biggest change that webmasters might be concerned about is Analytics no longer showing what keywords users are using to find the site.

Other Changes

Another one of the changes that was announced is how AdSense support works. A popular change is that live support is available, but only for specific customers. What the requirements are to be selected still has yet to be announced though. Anyone who makes at least $25 a week will have email support available though.

A smaller change that Google is rolling out is requiring a Google+ account in order to comment on YouTube videos. For anyone with a YouTube channel this could be a potential concern. While you don’t need an account to view videos, you do require one in order to comment, subscribe, or like a video, both of which are important factors for raising the popularity of a channel. Fortunately, creating a Google+ account is a quick and easy process, and ultimately having an account tends to benefit viewers since it makes it easier to manage all of the channels that they watch.

Video: Google Hummingbird Update, AdSense Changes and More!
(YouTube Release:  Sep 30, 2013)

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