Derek Sivers VideoIt is important not to act under anger whenever bad things happen to you. This interesting and very realistic video shows that wise people do not act while angry and frustrated at one person’s mistake. Unfortunately there is always a person that does something wrong to us, however we should not punish the whole world for this person’s mistakes. People should always think on the bright side. For example, one person did you wrong, but 100.000 did you right. Of course it is natural for us, humans, to feel angry and frustrated at certain actions, however we should not have the others pay for that. It is up to us to punish people, so we can not be harsh and punish those who never did any wrong. Not only is this unfair, but downright rude. Unfortunately many people act out of impulse and end up creating laws and policies to prevent mistakes from ever happening again, however these laws and policies end up affecting those who never did any wrong. There is absolute no need for that.

People always deserve a second chance, so whenever you are in a situation that you need to punish someone, punish the person who did wrong, not everyone. There are several businesses such as restaurants and stores that create policies to prevent a mistake for good, however is this really necessary? Well, this video teaches us that in fact it is not. Before we make any decisions we should always think and rethink, that way we act as fairly as possible.  There is absolute no need to punish everyone for someone else’s mistake. Put yourself in the same situation, would you like to be punished for something you have not done? Certainly not right?!

Video: Don’t punish everyone for one person’s mistake
(YouTube Release: June, 2011)

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