Matt from the YouTube channel, GoogleWebmasterHelp, posted a video that answers a common question that webmasters have regarding their sites ranking. This is such a common question for webmasters because of how important it is for their website. In order to show up in relevant searches, websites need to have a good PageRank, otherwise they will show up much lower on the list, which will have a huge effect on how much traffic the website gets.

Why PageRank Might Not Change

The first thing to remember is that Google PageRank updates periodically, so just because a site makes a number of changes and upgrades doesn’t mean that their PageRank will instantly change. This does not mean that the site isn’t benefiting from the changes though. PageRank focuses specifically on how much the site is being linked to, so it will naturally take time to improve, but as the overall quality of the website improves, there is a greater chance for the website to start being linked more and more. It is important to remember is that PageRank does not necessarily reflect on the quality of what is on a site, so sites with a lower PageRank shouldn’t completely change their content thinking that they put up something that was wrong or not relevant.

Video: Why isn’t my site’s PageRank changing?

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