I miss the mobIn the video, it is all about remembering what your main objectives are and why you are doing it without undergoing a lot of analysis.  Once attending a conference in Las Vegas led to a conversation with a taxi driver. When the taxi driver was asked how long he was working as a taxi driver, he answered that it was 27 years and a lot had changed and he was even missing the mob. When he was asked about the difference, it said that when Las Vegas was under the rule of mafia, it was a lot more fun. During the rule of mafia, only two things mattered – how much was coming in and how much was going out. As long as more was coming in than going out, everyone was a lot happier.

There came a time when a number of corporations entered the picture where it was packed with a lot of MBAs and micromanagement in order to maximize the profits. Even additional service fees were charged with extra costs though the scenario was entirely different when Las Vegas was ruled by mafia back then. Of course, there was no fun in the town anymore.  With what most MBAs consider, it is best to analyze in order to achieve better success as well as maximize the profits that can be gained. Of course, as long as you have the idea to start something that you love as well as earn a good profit out of it and help out others, you no longer need to overanalyze. Always bear in mind that you should never forget what you are doing. Ask yourself if you are happy and if what you are doing is profitable. If the answer is yes, you have a good reason to do it; but at the same time it will be a wonderful thing if you are not careless about the good of other people.

Video: Derek Sivers – I Miss The Mob
(First Released on YouTube in June, 2011)

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