Google Webmaster ToolsThis is a question several webmasters should already have asked themselves. Google Webmaster Tools is an extremely useful tool that allows webmasters to analyze their webpages and integrate their websites with a number other services that Google offers. This video will show you some of the main features of this great tool. Now let’s take a look at the top most important things of Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster tools can look quite overwhelming at first, however it offers several great tools to help webmaster keep their websites running smoothly. One of its great features is the messaging tool. There you will receive messages form Google, messages that were sent specifically to you. These messages sent to you by Google will always contain important information, so it is important that you always read them take action accordingly. You can even set up e-mail forwarding with the help of Google webmaster tools. That way you will receive these important messages straight into your personal e-mail address. The most wonderful thing which is offered by this service is the ability to choose certain things when it comes to a particular domain . For instance you will be able to have your site show www at the beginning or even  not show it. Another great feature that can help you have your webpage seen by millions of people is by inserting certain keywords for a domain through the visual interface of Google. These keywords will help Google know what your site is about. It will also help you find more relevant keywords that visitors usually search on different search engines. Google Webmaster Tools also offers a HTML suggestions that will help you know if your web page has any trouble with its meta description as well as with any title.

Make sure you give this great video a look. You will be able to understand how great some of the features offered by Google Webmaster Tools are!

Video: What are the 3-5 most important things I should pay attention to in Google Webmaster Tools
(YouTube Release: August, 2011)

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