Obvious To You. Amazing To OthersIn this wonderful video Derek tells us that basically all artists and creators share some common things. Creators experience the joys and wonders of various works that are highly creative and innovative in nature. If you happen to have a number of ideas in mind, you might consider them obvious or down right average. On the other hand, you might be amazed to see that how innovative and creative the ideas from artists, writers as well as other artistic individuals out there. You might even wonder why they are capable of fabricating wonderful works of art that are truly outstanding in quality. If you continue with your work, depending on your chosen field, your ordinary thoughts are what you are going to share. Of course, what you deem as ordinary may be considered amazing by other people who see your work for the first time. It simply means that ideas of each individual might seem obvious; you even think your ideas are average.

The difference is that what is obvious or average to you is amazing to someone else. Additionally, always bear in mind that we are bad judges of our own creations. While you continue to whine that your ideas are obvious, there are others that consider that it is just special. In case you have some ideas to share through writing, artwork or other means, it is best to put it out for others to see and allow the world to judge your work. You might be surprised how it has touched the lives of others in ways you cannot imagine or simply believe your work is truly amazing. Always bear in mind that if you have something to share, especially ideas that you are hesitant to share since you believe that they are obvious, do not doubt the quality. You never know since it might be something special for someone.

Video: Derek Sivers – Obvious To You. Amazing To Others
(Released on YouTube in June, 2011)

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