seo for start-upsIn this great and instructive video, Maile Ohye who has been a Developers Programs Tech Lead for Google since 2005 will help you understand a little bit more about SEO. This vide will be extremely helpful if your startup has up to 50 pages. It is also very important for you to check your domain frequently, especially if it was previously a spammy domain. You will also learn that Google Webmaster Tools are incredibly useful for you to always keep your web page in check and working the way you want it to work. You should always make sure you have a strategy settled, because strategy is essential to your web page’s success.

It is always good to create content for a specific public such as kids, adults, teens and to make sure your site is clear about that. It is also important to give chances to press and to investors to see your site and help you improve it even more. Always make sure your site is easy to surf on and also very organized. For people to find your web site in an easier way it is important to add keywords smartly in your texts. Make sure these keywords are most likely to keywords average people would look for. For instance you should write “find shoes”, instead of “find footwear.”. It is also very important to create a web site that answers everything that the future users might ask themselves. Also make sure you give enough information about the products or even services that you are selling. This will make your web page much more SEO oriented and easy for users to go through.  Another great tip is to always add , to every single page you have an unique topic, an unique title, unique meta description, keywords for non-dynamic sites and descriptive anchor text for every single link. Make sure you check this video for lots of useful information!

Video: SEO for startups in under 10 minutes
(YouTube Release: June, 2012)

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