In January 2013 Maj Bjerre interviewed “the golden circle” author Simon Sinek.  Simon is famous for creating the concept of “ the golden circle”, that stands for three main things:

  • Why people do things
  • How they do
  • What they actually do

In this interesting interview we learn more about Simon Sinek early days and how he first dealt with his own concept. Simon Sinek is interested in large amounts of people who want to change the way they think and automatically change the way they deal with money. People come first, so we should always respect and treat people the way we want people to treat us. This is the first step into working with cooperation.

Sinek explains that the idea that we work to survive is simply a lie. We work to fulfill our desires. We work to feel good about ourselves and also to accumulate money. In case something goes wrong and we lose our jobs we can adjust to the situation. He exemplifies saying that we can eat generic brands for a while, we will survive that!

Thinking about the why is actually a long time decision. Simon believes entrepreneurs should ask themselves first why they do things. Once they have got their answer, they should explain it to the people as well. When it is done we are able to live a very different life. So the why comes first. Our behavior to look after each other will be rewarded, we will be able to produce more and also to deal with people in a much better way. The more we cooperate the best.

We also learn the difference between stress and passion. Suppose someone works 12 hours a day. If this person works with passion these 12 hours will fly by, now if we do not have a purpose, an objective, the work becomes stressful and irritating.

Video: Simon Sinek interview January 2013
(YouTube Release: March, 2013) 

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