Start Now. No Funding NeededIn the following video, Derek has tried to illustrate the fact that almost every person, including you might have a lot of ideas in mind, but what holds you back are the need for funding. Individuals cannot move unless they have available finances. This is what most people believe since they are not keen to do anything without any ready cash on hand. Take note that this is considered as a love of the idea of being big, in terms of earning money or status. It is not aimed for something useful at all. In case you have a number of ideas, almost all of them should have the main purpose of being useful in one way or another. Once you have an idea brewing in your mind, you do not need any funding. All you have to do is to start right away along with 1% of your grand vision. By starting right away, you are already in game and will enjoy a good start ahead of the competition. While others are still in a standstill since they do not have the funding that they think they need, you are already making improvements to your idea. It simply means that you are about to reach the finish line, while others are just about to start.

Always remember that you should begin as early as possible with your idea, along with 1% of your energy on solving actual problems and it will eventually lead on to better improvements that will help you achieve success. Remember that good ideas do not require any funding in order to start or any excuse such as a lucky start, professional support, experienced help, adequate funding in order to start making one of your ideas a success. Almost all of us have worthy ideas that can pave the path to success, as long as you are willing to start right away without believing that you need funding, it is bound to lead to success at some stage if your idea provided that your idea is about doing good to other people.

Video: Derek Sivers – Start Now. No Funding Needed
(First released on YouTube in July, 2011)

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