Successful AdSense PublishersGoogle AdSense is a very useful tool for those who would like to have more profit through intelligent advertising. This great tool offered by Google has already helped millions of people who have a web page worldwide to reach a larger public as well as to have a substantial raise when it comes to the value generated through ads. Now, it has been 10 years that AdSense has helped web page developers deal better with their pages and their content. In case you would like to begin, do not waste any more time!

In this case study, we are going to see some real life stories that really show how good and useful Google AdSense tool is. Regardless of their web page genders, these guys decided to give it a try and now are at the top!

James Graham has been using Google AdSense ever since the year of 2003. His webpage is called His web page is dedicated to how this day of the history is important to everyone. Thanks to AdSense he has been able to spread his web page through the whole world as well as make more money from it. He also remotely work on it through wherever he is in the world.

Video:  Meet AdSense Publisher James Graham
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

Roger Warwick and Mario Fernandes have a web page called This page helps tourist know what Portugal has as its best! They have started using AdSense back in 2003 and thanks to it they can now focus on the growing site and also add more content, content that people really would like to see.

Video: Meet AdSense Publishers Roger Warwick and Mario Fernandes
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

Jennifer Moss is the main founder of This web page is famous all over the world since it brings very nice names for babies. She started out using AdSense to pay off her hosting bills, also in 2003. In the end the revenue was so much bigger than what she expected that now she can work on the web page full time. She definitely has a good family business thanks to AdSense.

Video: Meet AdSense Publisher Jennifer Moss
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

Dave Taylor has a tech support web page called He has been using AdSense publisher since the year of 2003, just like the previous successful people mentioned above. Thanks to Google AdSense David was able to pay off his mortgage, quit his average job and now is able to spend much more quality time with his wife and children.

Video: Meet AdSense Publisher Dave Taylor
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

Kevin Hsieh started using AdSense back in 2003 and is the founder of website, that offers a very useful guide to what San Francisco has best in Chinese culture. Kevin managed to expand advertisement through AdSense and is now replicating the real world of Chinatown online.

Video: Meet AdSense Publisher Kevin Hsieh
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

Nick Moosey wanted to simply give his mother a present. Thanks to that and AdSense, now he has and very good revenue. Back in 2003, he signed up for AdSense and is now retired and only focusing on his articles about his mother’s garden.

Video: Meet AdSense Publishers Moosey and Nick
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

Mark Warner founded Teaching Ideas, which offers several students the chance to learn for free. These students count with a nice resource, they can count with online teachers. Thanks to Google AdSense, he is now able to spend much more time with his family and is able to improve his site and the bounds he has with teachers from all over the world.

Video: Meet AdSense Publisher Mark Warner
(YouTube Release: April, 2013)

Car Morley and Tom Waddington are from Edinburg and are the creators of Cut Out + Keep. They were able to transform a craft blog into something much bigger, a successful online community, everything thanks to AdSense! 

Video: Meet AdSense Publishers Cat Morley and Tom Waddington
(YouTube Release: April, 2013)

Keith Cooper runs Northlight Images. His first idea was to simply advertise his business, however thanks to AdSense now his web page counts with hundreds of pictures and articles related to his field of work.

Video: Meet AdSense Publisher Keith Cooper
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

Robert Niles simply loved the Theme park industry. His web page, helps people know more about some parks. Thanks to AdSense that he has been using ever since the year of 2003. Thanks to this great tool he was able to quit his real job and fully dedicate himself to his web page.

Video: Meet AdSense Publisher Robert Niles
(YouTube Release: June, 2013)

AdSense is definitely a good and easy way to improve your website while making money easily. If you have a web page, do like the people above, try it out! You will certainly be pleased with the results that you will have with it. Millions of people already have these good results, why don’t you try it as well? Regardless of what your website is about, you will certainly have this incredible Google tool help you find the advertisement that best fits your web page. Not only will you be able to make more money with the revenue of the ads, but you will also have people seeing your web page like never before.

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