Evolution of SEOA lot has changed over the years when it comes to online world. One year on the web holds so many changes that it is similar to 10 years on the real world. SEO in the early 2000’s was extremely simple. It was all about meta tags and some simple keywords inserted on the doorway pages, that were nothing more than the main pages a web page had. All you had to do was stuff the keywords on the pages and the magic was done! After a while, around the years 2003-2005 the links were the most important things. Quality was not the most important, but quantity was. The more links you had the better the site would be linked. As time went by it changed and now the quality matters more.

On 2011 and the following years some other things changed in terms of SEO. The Panda update came to change and ranked sites according to the web sites quality, evaluating everything. Google evaluated the quality of the sites, that way only the best would rank well. Now if you would like to know where you rank you should log in on your Google Web Masters Account. If an average person would like to know the detailed algorithm of ranking of a site it would be almost overwhelming because there are several things that can make it vary. For example some sites will be more relevant depending on what you have already researched online. Everything changes according to what you are used to looking at on the web. Several people lost part of their traffic thanks to some of these Google updates. Some people even called Google the devil! The changes that had quality as the most important thing before ranking a site are still working today. Therefore the better you plan and work on your web page, the better it will rank.

Now let’s watch the video and learn some important trends of SEO in 2013 with Lisa Irby.

Video: Getting Google Traffic (How SEO Has Changed in 2013)
(YouTube Release:  May, 2013)

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