Lisa from 2 Create a Website has used her YouTube channel to educate many web designers on not only how to create a successful website, but also how to use AdSense in order for that website to generate revenue. Most web designers are going to know that ads are key for making money on the internet, but not actually know the specifics on how to use and get the most out of ads. In one of the more recent videos on her YouTube channel, Lisa goes into detail about using responsive themes to ensure that anyone viewing a site on a mobile device will still be seeing all the contents properly.

Viewing on Mobile Devices

Thanks to advancements with smartphone technology, users are able to access the internet on their mobile devices as long as they are able to get a connection. This is incredibly convenient for users, but it can potentially hurt website owners. The reason for this is websites get displayed much differently on phones, since obviously the screen on a phone is going to be much smaller then the screen of a computer normally used to view the website. This means that ads likely aren’t going to display correctly on a mobile device, without using responsive units.

Responsive Units

In order for mobile users to still correctly see these ads, websites need to have a responsive theme. All this means is that the website will naturally adjust to the size of the browser. This is useful for mobile devices, but it can also help computer users too, since it isn’t uncommon for computer users to have multiple windows open at a time, which means the site isn’t going to display correctly without a responsive theme to correct the display.

In her video, Lisa says there are a number of companies making different responsive themes. Setting up responsive units is incredibly simple, just requiring the webmaster to go into AdSense, and apply the responsive ad unit, then fill out their options normally and use the new code that gets supplied.

Video: Make Your AdSense Units Mobile Responsive
(YouTube Release: Sep 27, 2013)

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