Several Webmaster Tools users wonder if Google will ever provide real support for their questions and issues. Users only receive automated responses from the servers. These answers are most of the times not really useful for people who are facing issues that need to be solved as soon as possible. Google has to take care of over 250 million domains that need to be taken care of. Google tries to support all of these pages as well as their web masters as much as possible. Although it is very slow to answer the questions the site owners/ administrators Google keeps trying to improve their methods as much as possible.

Google receives around 20 thousand reconsideration reports per month so it is quite hard for them to answer them with direct answers right away. Google has a very big index page that has millions of webmasters who are thirsty for answers. There are over 2 million queries a day, that way Google is simply not able to solve all the issues with very direct answers quickly. That is why Google created automatic answers and videos, just like this very interesting one, that will try to help the webmasters as much as possible. Regarding your reconsideration files you will be able to receive automated answers that will be very generic. You will receive ok, yes everything is done and then you will sometimes answer a no, that you still have things to do in order to solve your issue. You may also notice that you will not receive messages that have boxes where people could write more or even detail the information. It is a whole matter of patience. Google believes it is very tricky to hold very long conversations with the webmasters. In case you have issues with Google make sure you have lots of patience and try to watch videos with tutorials, these might help you out!

Video: What is Google doing to provide support to webmasters?
(YouTube Release: Aug 28, 2013)

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