Why You Need To FailMajority of successful individuals at the present are overly concerned with their achievements and reputation. Most of all, they do not want to fail in anyway. Doing so will only ruin their hard earned reputation. Of course, if you will not fail, you are not learning at all. As there is a saying “no pain, no gain”, it simply means that if you haven’t experienced failure, you will not learn anything to improve what you are doing.

In the video, it stresses out that if you want to learn in an effective manner, all you have to do is to make mistakes as well as paying attention to those mistakes. Additionally, bear in mind that mistakes are better than preparation. If you are learning something and you fail to handle a particular thing, it does not mean that you are a looser, it simply means that you need to learn more in order to successfully accomplish that job. With the process of committing mistakes, you will learn which areas you are not good at, thus you can always work better to improve it. Do not forget that doing what you really like is fun, but you will not necessarily improve. At some stage, you should focus on things that you are not skilled in.

There are three reasons why you need to fail – learning, growth of mindset and experiment. Everything that you do for the first time is basically an experiment, thus there is no wrong option at all. There are a number of reasons why you need to fail and they are beautifully addressed by Derek in this video. Your mistakes will not only improve your abilities but also they are a good way to figure out aspects that you are not good at. In case you are not failing, it simply means that you are not trying hard enough with what you are doing.

Video: Derek Sivers – Why You Need To Fail
(First YouTube Release in February, 2011)

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