When making a website it is important to keep two things in mind. Who the website is going to be designed for, and what the website is going to be about. In many cases, the goal of a website is going to be to make money. This can be done in a number of different ways. Some websites will try and make money by being a store, either selling specific goods or just being a general marketplace akin to Ebay. Other times the site will want to just become popular and make money off of selling ad space. Having a general idea of how to make money is important since it gives a goal, but it shouldn’t be more important then who the website is targeted for.

The Importance of Targeting

Websites that don’t have a target audience in mind aren’t going to be able to draw in any visitors, which ultimately means they won’t be generating enough income. Many webmasters make the mistake of thinking that they can just advertise to a general audience and be able to draw in customers. This is something that works with the more popular sites like Ebay and Amazon, but it took those sites years to gain their popularity, it didn’t just happen on their start up.


Knowing your audience makes it much easier to advertise. A popular option that new sites like to do is pay for advertising on other sites where they know their audience will be, essentially piggybacking off the popularity of another site to draw in visitors. Advertising isn’t just about getting the name of the site on the internet. That helps to bring in the visitors, but the site itself should be catered to those visitors as well, so they have a reason to stay on the page and continue to make visits in the future.

Even with this knowledge, starting a site is difficult and will take not only time, but commitment as well. Struggling webmasters need to make sure that they are always focusing on “who” as much as they are “what” if they want to have a successful site.

Video: Why So Many Sites Never Earn $$$

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