Hyperlinks are connections established between a word/phrase/image and a website/file. The World Wide Web is based on hyperlinks. Most often we access websites by clicking hyperlinks.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which defines the optimization of how a website can be reached through search engines. This process also involves hyperlinking. Actually effective hyperlinking between different pages can help a website secure a good position in the search engine result pages as well.

What is hyperlink?
Hyperlink is a type of link that connect two separate files/websites/articles/images etc. Hyperlink can be placed on webpages, in spreadsheet file, in database infrastructure etc. Their main function is to link some data with others so that users can get the related data at convenience. Hyperlinks are sometimes used to elaborate few topics or points.

It is used in internet as a major element of internet connectivity. Webpage is attached to webpage and further webpages; these are all possible because of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks can also be explained as the path for movement from one webpage to another or from one file to another.

No Hyperlink No Internet
The entire World Wide Web is linked up by hyperlinks. Suppose there was no hyperlink on websites, then users would have to get hold of the URL of websites. Users would require to directly enter the full URL to get to any webpage. However, when you type an IP or domain address on the address bar of your browser in order to view a webpage, the old hyperlinking process actually comes into action. Search engines mainly displays the URLs of websites through hyperlink. If there were no hyperlinks, how would search engines display results. Pages of a website are also connected with each other using hyperlinks.

Webpages provide you information from their database which is again due to hyperlinking process. Without hyperlinks there will be no use of mouse click on  a webpage or image. Everything would work like character based user interface.

Why hyperlinks important for SEO
Internet users seek help from search engines in order to find out desired information and related websites. It is the responsibility of search engines to display various relevant sites which can provide them with the information they are looking for. If websites were not linked with search engines through hyperlink, then search engine would have no value of its own.

Search engines also give priority to the sites that have good number of inbound links (hyperlinks) and rank them well. Google has introduced PR rating system only to sort out the sites that have good inbound links and high quality contents. So there is no doubt that hyperlinks play an important role when it comes to SEO.

Management of hyperlink
Few things must be to be kept in mind and maintained properly in order to establish a good connection of hyperlink with SEO optimization:

  • Do not place spammy/inappropriate links in your website content.
  • You should always make sure that your links are working.
  • Images must be hyperlinked with their full size versions.
  • Related contents should be hyperlinked with each other.
  • Hyperlinks which are not required must be removed as they may slow down the speed or accessibility of your website and result in poor user experience.
  • Do not place hyperlinks on a webpage haphazardly. Make sure that your hyperlinks serve a purpose and add value to your site.
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