ecommerce content management systemCMS is Content Management System which helps a web owner in editing the content of his website. There are many advantages of CMS like the web owner can edit the text or images of his website by his own without getting help of any expert developer and he can add links in the website. Everything present in a webpage can be changed, deleted with ease and new pages can also be created.

CMS is best for the webmasters who want to change the content either text or images of his website frequently. Drupal, joomla, and magento are the Content Management systems that are mostly used. These three are open source CMS. For editing with technical knowledge is not required, all a web owner should know is the basics of that CMS with which his website is developed.

The E-commerce websites are not so much different from the other simple websites but advanced features are needed to control the business financial transactions. An E-commerce website must be developed with CMS so that a web owner can easily make changes in the website whenever he wants according to the requirements. The management of a website becomes easy with CMS.

Nowadays, customers of different products prefer to shop online from websites. To run a business smoothly and to attract the customers, the online store on E-commerce website must have good functionality and the store must look eye catching. For this magento is the perfect CMS.

There are many free templates available. The theme of an E-commerce website must be attractive to attract the traffic and the online stores must be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. An E-commerce website contains shopping cart and online payment and the shipping options as an important part so, extra technicalities are required for handling these. Magento has a great feature that multiple stores can be managed by it without any difficulty and the admin system is very easy. This feature is very important when a web owner has multiple online stores. The shopping carts are developed and installed in the websites. It gives the facility of re-order. It also contains customer review feature and option of many payment methods.

The main benefit of magento is that it is user friendly and its coding is SEO friendly which makes the website achieve high ranking in different search engines, it provides different Search Engine Optimization techniques to the web owner. It contains an inbuilt Search Engine Optimization feature, this gives guarantee that the online store works perfectly on search engine norms. A magento developer should be hired with care, who knows all the latest technologies. He must have the knowledge of market trends. Magento is a perfect Content Management system that is dedicated to the E-commerce websites. It is flexible and offers many extra and latest options. It is one of the ecommerce systems that are search engine friendly. As it is an open source CMS, it is great because it gives full control of a website to the website owner and decreases the cost of website management.

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