which content management systemCMS is abbreviation of Content Management System. It is a computer program which enables the publishing, changing, deleting and managing content in a webpage or website. CMS presents the content on the websites. With the help of this program, a website owner can easily change or delete the images from the website and he can also edit the text according to his need.

For managing a website with CMS, there is no need of technical training. A person with no technical and HTML knowledge can edit the content of a website. Changes in a webpage can be easily done no matter where a person is in the whole world. Any browser can be used for the editing purpose. Editing takes a lot of time when a web owner hires a web developer so, many companies and website owners prefer to have CMS with which they can change the website content themselves and keep their website up to date. It also takes less time in changing and uploading the content online.

There are two kinds of Content Management System. One is called as Proprietary CMS in which the editing can only be done by the developer and the other is known as Open source CMS, by this system anyone can edit the content of a website by using any device.

CMS are perfect for business owners having small business and it helps them a lot by enabling them to edit the content of their website themselves. A small business owner should select the content management system according to his needs.

WordPress is best for small business. The basics of WordPress can be easily learned. After learning the basics, a website owner can edit the content, create new pages of the website, add products in it and change the features. A website owner can select a theme and make a website by starting from scratch. For non-technical small business owner, wordpress is perfect choice.

To make a website good looking, a website owner can choose a theme, make static pages and add as many pages as he want. A non-technical website owner can insert the images and videos on the website with Media library. There are many built-in applications in WordPress including link management. The dashboard gives an overview of the whole website and its contents.  A web owner can also create his own dashboard widgets. WordPress offers user friendly and search engine friendly URLs. It also contains spam protection tools.

There is no need of rebuilding the static pages; the changes a web owner makes in his templates are reflected on the website in a very short time. WordPress contains full theme system which makes the designing process of a website very easy. There are many themes available so, a website owner can change it anytime he wants.

WordPress is said as the best Content Management System for websites because it is user friendly and the search engine optimization options available in it. It is very simple in use and for using it no programming knowledge is needed. WordPress gives website a look of professional website.

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