email-vs-socialIn business today, one of the major decisions that people are struggling with, is whether to go for Online Email Marketing or Social Media Campaigns. Some business persons would prefer Online Email Marketing, while another majority would go for Social Media Campaigns, in an endeavor to catch up with the fast changing times.

An informed decision in favor of Online Email Marketing or Social Media Campaigns should be made based on the needs of an individual business entity, as well as the immediate and long term goals and objectives. Although many people tend to think that Online Email Marketing is out of place in this day and era, this thinking is defeated by the fact that people check their emails severally in the course of one day. As such, it would be very easy to reach multitudes within a short while, especially those that have already subscribed for updates on a given product or service. It also goes without saying that Online Email Marketing stands out to be the cheaper option in terms of operation costs, and equally convenient with regard to reaching out to many people within a short period of time.

On the other hand, Social Media Campaigns are on the increase, especially when it comes to young people. A lot of time and effort is set aside for twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. Social Media Campaigns carried out on Facebook are noted to allow for lengthy discussions, during which opinions raised by users of a product and/or service, would go a long way in re-evaluation. Twitter comes with the option to re-tweet a posted message, and in itself becomes a very fast option of creating awareness in real time to a big following. Social Media Campaigns require that the users get to know their target groups very well and hitherto stipulate their objectives very clearly. Simplicity should be given preference when it comes to creativity in Online Email Marketing or Social Media Campaigns.

In order to realize optimum results, there could be need to combine the use of Online Email Marketing as well as Social Media Campaigns; the strength of the former would get a major boost by the strengths of the later.

For an example, while using Online Email Marketing or Social Media Campaigns use of icons or snippets would come in very handy. At the end of an email, one would invite the subscribers to remain connected through either of the options of Social Networks, and vice versa. This will go a long way in ensuring that your clientele enjoys the privilege of choosing and using different alternatives. Nonetheless, it will be up to you to see to it that your following is given incentives enough to want to make a response. Most marketers try to necessitate the need to sign-up for emails through the social networks.

It is paramount to observe, that the use of the various promotion tools in marketing should be tailored towards getting numbers, and in that regard the correct numbers for one’s products and services. You will need to evaluate sentiments shared herein, and choose either of the two strategies, or integrate both Online Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigns.

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