Design has always been a crucial aspect of every website. Be it a business website or an informative site, Web Design has always played a critical role in ensuring the site’s success or failure. Unlike the traditional, flat, impersonal web design, storytelling is a trend that’s been recognized by more and more web designers across the globe. Well, storytelling can turn out to be an effective means of engrossing visitors to your products and services. Some of you might be confused that storytelling is a web design, which includes long and boring stories. Well, this is untrue. Storytelling is actually a web design trend wherein the website visitors are told a story via concise content coupled with impressive imagery. Through this blog, I’ll be throwing some light on whether Storytelling Web Design trend will work wonders in the year 2014.

Using the right Typography for telling a story

Typography continues to remain one of the most significant features of a website. Storytelling web design also puts special emphasis on the usage of the right typography for letting visitors know about the brand and its products/services. Nowadays, a good majority of business enterprises have started including an “Our Story” page in their websites. The sole purpose of including this page is to inform the visitors about the background, the business message and the means through which the company is serving its clients.

Incorporating visuals for telling a story

Visuals have come up as the best means for communicating business message to the targeted audience. By incorporating easy-to-interpret visuals in your web pages, you can conveniently do away with the tiresome reading part. Since human beings are visual creatures, it has been found that including visuals in the website can effectively put a positive impression on the minds of the viewers. Pictures are capable of doing a lot of talking and hence it is better to complement web text with images that are good to look at.

Using Videos for telling a story

Videos continue to rule the web design world. Today also, you can easily come across a wide range of websites that include videos on different web pages. Well, a video enables a visitor to take a deeper look into different aspects related to the website. Watching the video allows him/her to find answers to a variety of questions coming up in his/her mind. A video of around 2 minutes duration is also competent in making the visitor understand the purpose of website and what all he/she can expect from scanning through the web pages.

Utilizing Animations for telling a Story

Animation is believed to be an effective means of telling a story. Using animations in your web design can act as the best medium for conveying business messages and details about the brand. You need to be very particular in including the right kind of animations in your web pages. The choice of animations needs to be different for different types of websites.

Audios work perfect for telling a Story

Although website is a visual representation of a brand, including audios can serve as the best means of telling your company’s story. You may choose to include songs and other forms of audio to entertain and inform visitors about your products and services. If you’re trying to preach something to the people then audio can turn out to be the best method for making your words reach a wider population.

Storytelling is definitely going to help your website gather maximum visitors

Using Storytelling web design approach allows you to showcase your real self to the people. This in turn increases trust for your brand and people start to believe in your products and services. Storytelling also enables the web designers to explore and express their creativity to the fullest. Your brand’s story told out effectively makes you memorable in the minds of visitors and you tend to grow your visitors strength by an incredible level.

Wrapping Up

Storytelling and website design go hand in hand. You can truly make the best out of including visuals, audio, animations etc. in your web pages. Storytelling has definitely outgrown as a sophisticated web design approach that will work as a magic wand for businesses that tend to fail due to lack of useful promotional techniques.

As you can see from the above post, Storytelling will actually turn to be the best means of making your brand known to global consumers in the year 2014. If you’ve something to add to the above post or want to share your feedback on my post, please don’t hesitate in using the comments box below.

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