yahoo directory seoWhat Is Yahoo SEO Directory?

In the web world, there are two distinct ways to search the web. The newest and most commonly known way to search out information on the web is through search engines, such as  Google, Bing and Yahoo search. The second way is through directories like Yahoo SEO Directory. The difference between directories and search engines is simply the presence or lack of human beings. Search engines use algorithms to locate and list information online. Directories are made up of a list of submitted websites that are composed by humans.

How to Be Listed

If you would like to be listed through Yahoo, you have two choices: non-commercial (free) or commercial (fees start at $299 per year). Your business website would be included in the commercial category. If you would like to submit your business website, you can find the submission link in the right-hand corner of any page of the directory. Follow the steps to submit your business website.
Be careful about which category you submit your website into, however, since Yahoo SEO Directory rarely accepts changes in your listing after the initial acceptance. You may even want to hire a consultant to assist you in submitting your website listing.

How This Is Beneficial

First of all, listing your website through Yahoo opens up your website to the world market. While the western economy is falling, some countries’ economies in the eastern hemisphere are rising. This means that you may get some really good business from the eastern hemisphere, which is beneficial to your business.
Another reason to be listed is competition. Ever wonder why your competitors seem to be doing better than you on the world wide web? It may be because they are listed through Yahoo, and you are not. It is common sense to at least match what your competitors are doing, in order to stay in the game. And you may even become more successful than your competitors through the listing your website!
And here is a major benefit: Google spiders crawl through the Yahoo SEO Directory pretty regularly, almost hourly, which updates your website’s information in search engines. This may update your customers and bring you more business in the future.
Your Page Rank may also be increased, bringing more business. If you are among the pages of directories, your chance to be listed in the top ten pages of search engines is dramatically increased. If you are listed in the top ten pages of search engine results, your Page Rank increases, which increases your website’s traffic.
And to top that, you create high authority backlinks by being listed. You don’t simply create one single backlink either; Yahoo SEO Directory is made up of 12 different directories, so by listing your business website, you have just created 12 high authority backlinks.

The Conclusion

As I have discussed, listing your website through Yahoo  is very beneficial in many different ways. If your business is listed by Yahoo, your overall traffic will increase, bringing higher awareness of your business to countries all over the world, and driving up sales. If you want an easy way to bring more success to your business, this is definitely the way to go.

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