If you have a business, small or big, in some point you will need graphic designs. You need offline materials like business cards, flyers, and it does not stop there. In this Internet era, you need to have an online presence. There, everything gets complicated. You register for Facebook, Twitter, you need some covers. You need banners, infographics, videos and much more. If you launch your website, you pass to another level.

What to do?

You can hire some professional to create beautiful designs. Oh wait.. “if” you have a budget for it of course.

You can purchase some program like Photoshop. Ok, such programs are masterpieces.. “but” they are not for everyone. Learning curve can ruin your motivation and can cost your precious time.

We need something easier to use, something quicker.

A brand new software.. Youzign

Youzign is a product of YMB Properties, a graphics design company. They have various projects like graphic softwares, WordPress plugins, white label products, some popular blogs.

I like it when experienced designers and developers create a product like this. Because they know exactly what you need so product becomes user-friendly.

You can use this innovative technology to create flyers, posters, ebook covers, Facebook covers, Twitter covers, YouTube channel art, video graphics, infographics, business cards, banners and headers, buttons and much more.

Nothing to download or install

This is important. Being able to design on cloud gives you freedom. Just use your grandfather’s computer to edit your family photos while you are visiting them, nice!

Choose from predefined sizes or determine your custom size, pick a template and start working on your design. You can use their fancy background removal tool. You can upload built-in images besides your images. Filters, icons, shapes, layers, zoom.. It is like Photoshop in browser. Learning curve is minimal.

With all these features, we can easily say that Youzign is the easiest way to design anything online.

WordPress plugin

If you are using content management systems to run your website, there is a high chance that you use WordPress. Then, I have good news for you. Youzign has a special plugin for this popular CMS.

You are the designer

Another good feature is you will pay once a year and their subscription plans are suitable for all user types. Check their pricing here.

No monthly payments, 30-day money back guarantee and secure checkout options.. As they say on their slogan, with Youzign, “You are the designer”.

Show us video!

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