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Do you have a money-making website or web-based business? Do you want to sell it for top dollar? Then, you are at right place.

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About Our Partner

Dear Website Seller,

I am Aykut Pehlivanoglu, Founder of Worth Of Web Academy. We teamed up with one of the best website brokerage services.

Please check info on this page and fill in the form below even if all you would want for now is a valuation to gauge your progress. In addition, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the process; send me your message.

We have an active buyer list which regularly pays 2-3x multiples on yearly profit. As an example, if your site is making $100,000 a year in profit, you could make $200,000-$300,000 by selling it.

  • Network of buyers with cash on hand
  • Professional licensed broker support from start to finish
  • Member of IBBA (International Business Brokers Association, Inc.)
  • $8M+ worth of web-based businesses sold so far
  • San Diego, California based brokerage and consultation firm
  • Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) website broker
  • Nous parlons aussi français!

About Process

  • Fill in the contact form, one of the experts will contact you shortly
  • The expert will give a free valuation
  • Zero upfront costs
  • Streamlined process, simple, easy and secure transactions
  • Smooth, comfortable transition and competitive sales price


Minimum requirements in order to benefit from this brokerage service,

Your website > $1,000/month and 6 months old

If your website is making MORE than $1,000/month (profit) and created MORE than 6 months ago, please fill in the contact form.

Your website < $1,000/month or 6 months old

If your website is making LESS than $1,000/month (profit) or created LESS than 6 months ago, join our Facebook group, “Website & Domain Marketplace”, to sell your website.

Contact Form

If your website (or web-based business) meets the minimum requirements, please fill in the form below,

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