Worth Of Web Academy
Worth Of Web Academy
Dear friends,

Creating a website is one thing, creating a money-making website is a totally different thing. In Worth Of Web Academy you can learn both how to create a website and how to improve it to a money-making one after you publish it.

I imagine this academy as a perfect meeting place for online business owners, website/blog owners, web designers, web developers and internet marketing people.

I can summarize the sections we have like,
  • Store, shopping mall of our academy
  • Templates, template shop of our academy
  • Forum, social area of our academy
  • Blog, classes of our academy
  • Calculator, test area of our academy
  • VIP Club, exclusive club of our academy
You can reach to all these sections from the links above. I wish you a pleasant experience at our academy.

If you want to learn more about me and our academy, here are some of the interviews I had, If you want to follow or contact me, here are my social media channels, Aykut Pehlivanoglu
Aykut Pehlivanoglu
Founder of Worth Of Web Academy

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Hi, I am Aykut, founder of this academy. I would like to suggest you couple of my works,

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