Have you ever wondered that you would be able to have a fun and entertaining video teach you how to make a step by step WordPress website? It has never been this easy before and now in our new blog section entitled “1 hour course”. This time, you will truly be able to learn how to create a $2500 worth WordPress site. It is easy and very interesting to know. You will be able to create a site that is 100% mobile friendly and that will be as entertaining as any other well done web page. Are you ready to start your new site?

You will be taught how to create the site, add pictures, descriptions, picture boxes, links to social network sites, how to embed YouTube videos and much more.  Tyler Moore will also clearly explain how to create a comment area on your site as well as help you put a comment boxes on your page. From regular pages to pages that have embed content such as videos and pictures, you will be able to learn everything!

Who said it is hard and it takes long to create a complete website? Thanks to this one hour tutorial you will be able to also add great useful widgets to your site, add Google maps, etc without having to use any code at all. WordPress allows us to do it without having to program, this is one of the biggest advantages of WordPress as a whole. You may also create your very own logo to the site without having to spend hours hooked on Photoshop. You will also learn how to get very interesting icons for free, icons which will make your site much more catchy to the eye! It is simple and it only takes about an hour! Enjoy!

Video: How To Make a WordPress Website – AMAZING!
(YouTube Release: May 3, 2012)

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