Matt Cutts from Google released an incredibly useful video for new bloggers which focuses largely on WordPress and what bloggers can do in order to ensure that they have a high ranking on Google. One of the first things that Matt talks about in his video is how scammers try to use WordPress to exploit search engines by basically filling their WordPress with popular keywords in order to show up in searches.

Showing up in Searches

Many different factors go into determining what websites get shown on search results, with a heavy emphasis being placed on keywords. For example, if someone makes a WordPress blog about paying taxes in 2014 their site will have a chance to show up whenever someone searches for 2014 taxes. It doesn’t have to be that specific of a search though, someone just searching taxes will get the same results as well, but having additional keywords can help with priority, especially since some users do like to be as specific as possible in their searches.

Scams and Focus

Scammers will fill their site with popular keywords, but not actually provide any relevant content, relying solely on the fact that people will visit their site just because it ranks high in just about any possible search. Scam sites like these ultimately fail though because it is so easy to report them. A site can have valid content, but still make the mistake of using too many keywords and appearing like a scam site. Webmasters need to think why they made their site, what it is that they want to share with their audience. Just because a sports blog talks about a player being suspected for tax fraud doesn’t mean that blogger should suddenly start trying to advertise their site as being about taxes. Sure it might initially show up for users searching for paying taxes, but once they realize it is a sports blog it will just get reported and the site will actually end up hurting, even if they do happen to get an initial surge of popularity.

Webmasters need to focus on their own sites and not become obsessed with what other sites are doing. Some of the most popular blogs have earned their popularity because they are reliable and focus on their content. It takes time to become reliable though, so bloggers can’t get discouraged if they spend a few weeks posting and still haven’t garnered that much popularity. Don’t try and take shortcuts or cheat the system to get popularity. Bloggers want to have viewers that are interested in the content and will want to return to see future posts and recommend the blog to their friends; they aren’t going to do that if they see a site that isn’t relevant to whatever they were searching for.

Video: Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO
 (YouTube Release: Jan 31, 2013)

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