Google-Adsense-Tips-and-TricksWorking with Google Adsense to generate a profit can be somewhat daunting, especially when you even think about all of the advanced algorithms that Google uses to weed out sites. But I have assembled 10 amazing Google Adsense tips and tricks that will help you improve your knowledge and your earnings with Google’s ad program.

1) If you want to maximize your profits, make sure to create more than one website.
However, you don’t want to start off by creating 100 websites. Maintenance for that many sites, at first, would be hectic. While having only one website would be the easiest to maintain, it also increases your chances of being cut out altogether by the latest algorithm update. So, you want to have a few websites up and running. Then if the latest algorithm forces one website out, you still have a few others to generate income from while you work on the affected one.

2) Pick a niche to write about per site.
Creating a site that discusses any topic under the moon may be easier to find the desire to update, but it will make it difficult to create constant traffic, make it hard for the Google search engine to rank your site, and cause trouble generating ads that are on topic.
Also, if you only pick one subject to focus on, you can go more in-depth and gain expertise in that field. This makes your website more profitable for users and yourself.

3) Create a site about something you are already interested in!
This Google Adsense tip only makes sense! Making your site about something that you like makes it more fun in the long-run for you to continue managing your site. If something is less like work, then you are more likely to do it. Constant updates on your site is good for traffic and search engines, which generates clicks on your ads.
However, don’t create a site about something that is not in demand. Just because you like to study rare deep-sea anglerfish doesn’t mean that everyone else does. If you want to maximize your profits, you will need to give information about something that the general public will be researching.

4)Do not put Google Adsense on a brand new site!
When building a new site, wait until you have completed the site, you have built inbound links, and you are getting traffic. A brand new site can leave your ads being off topic and difficult to follow.
Also, if you try to apply to Google Adsense too early when your website is brand new, you will most likely be turned away. Google wants to know that your site has enough traffic so that putting their ads on your page will be profitable to them and you. They don’t waste time on beginner or spammy sites.

5) Do not put images next to your ads!
While many people did this for years and it worked successfully, it now against Google’s policies to do so. This is considered to be ‘encouraging clicks’ which is prohibited. If you do so, you may get more clicks for a bit, but you will quickly be caught and banned from having Adsense on your page. And once you are banned, you cannot get your account back into good standing.

Here is a free additional Google Adsense tip: If you haven’t read Google’s Adsense policies, I seriously suggest doing so.

6) Place images in optimal places on your site.
Ads that are higher on the site get clicked more often, which generates more income.

7) If you want to maintain optimal profit, do not put your ads on affiliate sites.
While well-known affiliate sites may get you more clicks than your own brand new site, you cannot depend on these sites to earn a maximum profit. It can be considered as a violation of the rules and regulations of Adsense. Moreover, each of the affiliate sites charges a percentage of your earnings to be able to post on their site. So, work on your own site, promote it to generate traffic, and be patient. Having ads on your own site will be better for you in the long-run.

8) Make sure to update your site on a regular basis.
If you create a site and leave it for a few months, you may find that your traffic has dropped significantly. Therefore, your amount of clicks and pay has dropped as well.
No one wants to visit a site that has grown stagnant and has old information, so get busy generating new information for your readers!

9) Create ads that best complement your site.
The optimal sizes for ads have been researched. They are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper.
However, don’t simply use these sizes without integrating them into your site well. You want the overall flow of your site to be pleasing to your loyal visitors, so be sure to fit the ads in a way that is visually appealing.

10) Do not stress over the latest google algorithms, or trying to beat the system!
Google constantly updates their algorithms to cut out spammers, and this unfortunately messes up the generated income for some sites. However, there is no way to currently beat this system, so do not stress if your site sees a dramatic drop suddenly. Simply continue to work hard at improving your site and keeping up with the latest Google Adsense Tips. Hopefully, you will see improvement again in your traffic.

These are some tips that should help you a great deal when trying to maximize the profits from your ads. Overall, continue working to improve your websites and don’t stress! Everyone knows that Google owns the world in their own mysterious way, and trying to fight it will only end in multiple visits to a psychiatrist. So, be happy and enjoy Google’s business offering to the world!

Thanks for reading!
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