If you want people to read your blog instead of the blogs of your competitors, you need to come up with new and fabulous things to blog about that are unique to you.

It’s okay if that makes you hyperventilate a little bit—it’s a pretty tall order to fill. Here are a few hints that will make it easier.


1. Current Events, Breaking News

Okay, by its very nature, news is something that a lot of people are going to be talking about. The keys here are that 1) you talk about the breaking headline first (or are among the first to talk about it) and 2) you find a unique way of looking at the headline/topic and share that with your readers.

2. Events Within Your World

These could be events that you are attending on behalf of your business. You can talk about a new addition to your team (or family). You can talk about changes at home if you have a personal blog.

While it’s rare that you will do or experience something that someone else hasn’t done or experienced, what matters here is that you are a unique person, which means that people will be interested in seeing how you handle these things.

3. Disagree with a Really Popular Opinion

What matters here is that you honestly disagree with that popular opinion. For example, for a long time I lived in a very conservative part of my state. I have a more liberal point of view on most social topics. This made me an anomaly—and fascinating to the people who surrounded me.

Note: Remember that your opinion must be an honest one. People can see through an opinion that is contrary just to be contrary. In fact, someone who disagrees just to get attention is going to lose readers, not gain them. For most readers, this is the same thing as being lied to, and it can do tremendous and irreparable harm to your reputation.

4. Document Your Process/Progress

Are you working on a project? Document it in your blog. Take pictures and talk about why you made the decisions you made as you worked toward your end goal. Talk about what you were thinking and feeling as you worked through each step of the process.

A great example of this is the Julie/Julia Project. You might know it as Julie and Julia, the movie. Julie Powell decided to cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking and blog about it. You can still read the original blog.

5. Answer Questions

You see this a lot on YouTube. When a vlogger is having a bit of a dry spell material-wise, they take questions from their audience over the course of a few days and then answer all of them in one video. You can apply the same thing to your blog. Write a post in which you ask your audience for their questions. You can limit these questions to a certain topic or encourage them to be as creative as possible. Promise to answer every question. Give them a set time frame for asking questions in the comments section of that specific blog post. Then just answer the questions!

What’s great about this is that it has the potential to give you blog fodder for weeks. You can promise to answer the questions one at a time, once a week until all of the questions have been answered. Or if you’re just in need of a quick influx of inspiration, you can answer all of them in a single post but limit your answer to each question to the length of a tweet (this is both fun and keeps the post from going too long).

As you can see, what matters most in the world of blogging, especially as far as your online reputation is concerned, is not that you are the only person to talk about something or to do something. What matters most is that you are honest and that your point of view is your own. If you can be the first to do something, great but honestly and authenticity is what matters.

And, of course, don’t forget to have some fun!


Erin Steiner is a blogger and vlogger from Portland who writes about a variety of topics including prominent businesspeople such as David Kiger.

Thanks for reading!
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