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Invoicing: Customers Won’t Fight Through a Difficult Process to Pay You

No one got into business because they liked invoicing. People get into business to make money. But you can't make money without filing invoices with a flawless degree of accuracy, consistency and regularity. Sloppy invoicing systems can be a drain [...]

4 Accounting Software Programs Ideal for Affiliate Marketers

Not all affiliate marketing operations are the same - in fact, very few are even similar. Likewise, the accounting and operational software used to make affiliate marketing franchises run are unique and serve different purposes. Compared to other software, affiliate [...]

3 Regular Retail Deals of Which Your Business Should Take Advantage

Businesses need stuff to run. Whether it's saving money on bulk orders of printer ink or getting free shipping, smart online business owners are always looking for a way to stretch their pennies. One of the best ways to save [...]

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Are You Spending Enough on Marketing? How to Tell

If you're in business, you're in competition - competition with your rivals and competition with the cluttered noise of a billion different salesman screaming on the Internet. Your online marketing strategy can do more to propel your company forward than [...]

Cloud vs. Traditional Accounting Software: Which Should You Use?

At least 50 percent of all businesses set part of their budget for cloud computing in 2013. Likewise with half of software developers. As the world's data goes to remote hosting, it's hard to imagine that very recently, all business [...]

Can Businesses Benefit from Using Vine for Video Marketing?

Whether or not Vine - Twitter's new(ish) micro-vlogging platform - is right for your company's video marketing, of course it is up to you. It is certain, however, that many other businesses are using the service to back up their [...]

Is Facebook Advertising Worth the Investment?

With so many marketing campaigns directed at Twitter, some businesses overlook Facebook as a social media outlet limited to personal use, not business. Overlooking the world's most widely used social medium, however, is not a wise choice for anyone trying [...]

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