blogosphereThis article is about a talk by James Surowiecki. He starts in the video below by reading out two articles regarding the tsunami incidents that had occurred and carries on by saying how these incidents were reported immediately as unorganised pieces of information.

He continues by stating how information was gradually shared across and then the incomplete pieces started falling in place and giving a clearer new picture. In his conversation, he emphasis more on the sharing of information on a network and its relevance.

He raised three questions about the Blogosphere:

a)    How do they relate to ideas which motivate people to do things?

b)    Do they have the capacity to accessing a collective intelligence that has previously remained untapped?

c)    What are the dark sides of blogs?

He continues by answering these questions with his views and talks about how people have reorganised themselves in groups  for creating and developing sites and content for free and for the sole purpose of getting noticed for their good job. He refers to the Open Source model which is applicable in a whole host of situations. This model has encouraged various numbers of people to get together and share information which he states is a good thing.

Dark side of Blogs:

James appreciated the fact that the internet was a decentralised structure where networks are good things, but also stated that the tighter the links were, it was to stay independent, because a network shapes the group in a certain way. Groups are only as smart as much as the people involved in it.

This conversation has enlightened the viewers with very valuable information. The video player also has the option in the navigation toolbar to set the subtitles to your preferred language in case you are not very comfortable with English.

Video – James Surowiecki: When social media became news

(filmed at TED 2005 Conference)

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