scribdScribd is a website that allows global audiences to share documents over the internet in different formats. It is basically a social reading platform and provides publishing services as well. Scribd claims that it is the world’s largest virtual library that provides access to informative, engaging and original content across the mobile and web devices.

Moreover in 2009, Scribd has started its e-book selling services for the users. Trip Adler is one of the three co-founders of Scribd. They got their seed investment from Y-Combinator in 2006 and was launched officially from the small apartment of San Francisco in 2007. Today, Scribd is one of the best known document sharing websites of the world and have more than 150 publishers associated with it like; Harvard University Press, Random House, Stanford University Press and etc.

“Readcast” is an exciting feature that has been added by Scribd in 2010, to allow its valuable readers, sharing documents automatically on Twitter and Facebook. Scribd has also introduced the mobile plans for the smartphone users in the same year.

Trip Adler is an American Entrepreneur, graduated from Harvard University in biophysics in June 2006. After completing his studies, he started many successful online ventures including: Scribd, Rate your Happiness and etc. Trip Adler is the CEO of Scribd. Along with his magnificent team, Trip has taken Scribd to new level of excellence. Today, Scribd has more than 90 million users outside USA, which depicts its global popularity and its personnel’s help.

Interested to dig into the success story of Scribd and its CEO? Want to know about the Y-Combinator class in which Trip Adler participated? What was Trip’s initial idea in Y-Combinator? Is Trip’s personality highly competitive? What led Trip and other co-founders to Scribd? What were the statistics of Scribd in the launching year? And much more can be explored by tuning the video below.

Video: Co-founder Trip Adler Talks About Scribd
(First released in July 10, 2012)

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