tumblrTumblr is a master craftwork of David Karp and was launched in 2007. Tumblr has been growing with phenomenal pace since its launch, it has become global now. Tumblr has headquarters stationed in New York, with more than one hundred professional and skilled employees in its sack.

Tumblr is a microblogging website; allows its registered user to post and share graphical depictions, interesting links, videos, music from computer or mobile phone. User can customize everything on tumblr according to his/her taste i.e. from colors to HTML themes and much more.

More than 16 million people view Tumblr every month and more than 70 million users post on Tumblr every day. With the massive audience of 141 million, Tumblr has ranked eleventh in USA.  Many big celebrities like Lady Gaga and John Mayer use it. Tumblr also has a privilege to host President Obama’s first blog.

The Guardian (newspaper) has quoted presence of such big names at Tumblr in following words – “Presence of Lady Gaga and Barack Obama have given celebrity lustre to Tumblr”.

David Karp is an energetic New York entrepreneur, who is the main character behind Tumblr and has been working as its CEO since its incorporation. Karp has never been to college or university for higher education. His interest in software development dragged him to the conception of this lucrative and successful blogging platform – Tumblr. In 2009 David Karp was named Best Young Tech Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek.

Do you want to learn more about David Karp and Tumblr? Watch the video below; it is a Technology Keynote Address by David Karp and moderated by Lauren Indvik. Karp highlighted several things in his address like;

  • Per second post on Tumblr
  • How Tumblr is working?
  • Top five countries, whose people bring maximum traffic to Tumblr
  • Shape of the Tumblr
  • Typical consumers of fashion content on Tumblr

To find out more, you need to watch the video, which will surely help you in learning a lot about the Tumblr.

Video – Interview with David Karp, CEO/Founder of Tumblr by Mashable’s Associate Editor Lauren Indvik

(filmed at 2012)

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