goodreads.comDo you know about any virtual place, where you can store all of your favorite books? Where you can read them and even share them with your friends?  Yes, you are right; we are talking about ‘Goodreads’. It’s a kind of e-book website that allows the users to mingle-up socially.

Goodreads is a brainchild of Otis Chandler, who launched the website in December, 2006. The main notion behind its creation was to enable people to see what their friends are reading. Goodreads was launched officially at the beginning of 2007 and since then it has been encouraging millions of users to search books from its extensive database and give their reviews as well as leave their annotations. Goodreads has been operated and flourished by a bunch of thirty (30) capable employees and has more than 10 million members as reported in 2012 by company sources.

Goodreads has raised handsome amount of capital for expansion from Angel Investors and True Ventures in 2007 and 2009, respectively.  Goodreads provides a bookshelf to the registered user, who can add books to it and can also rate these books. User also has full freedom to give his/her opinion about any book on Goodreads.

Goodreads has started its Reader’s Choice Award in 2009; users are allowed to nominate the best books through their voting. Today, more than seventeen thousand global authors are using Goodreads as an advertisement medium for their books over the internet.

In his interview with Mark Jeffery, Otis Chandler explained several astounding facts and figures about Goodreads.  Otis Chandler shared his views about Kindle and its features and shortcomings as well. How does Goodreads make money and how did it overcome challenges and become successful where Facebook and others failed in the similar projects? These are just glimpses of what you can find in the video attached below, so just go for the video and start learning more about Goodreads!

Video: Founder Otis Chandler Talks About Goodreads
(First released in September, 2010)

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