buzzfeedBuzzFeed is a website that allows its visitors to have a quick and real time view of viral contents in a mere glance. BuzzFeed has a group of editors who work to screen out and place the most viral content on the website’s homepage. BuzzFeed started its splendid journey in 2006 with the efforts of young and energetic, Jonah Peretti.  BuzzFeed has headquarters situated in Manhattan, New York.

Homepage of BuzzFeed is studded with the sequential posts from the registered users and editorial staff. This page depicts that what is the current viral content echoing on several social networks like; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and the like.  The most interesting feature of the BuzzFeed is that it lets the users to assign different badges to the posts. These badges include WOW, LOL, WTF, Eww and etc.

Jonah Peretti is a viral marketing hot dog (named by The New York Times) and the co-founder of Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. Jonah Peretti is an MIT Media Lab graduate and is also well known for his many online projects like: and Contagious media.

Want to dig out more about BuzzFeed? How, when and where it’s idea was conceived and who are the people behind the real success of it? Find out the answers by watching the video that is attached below.

The video covers things like:

  • Evolutionary stages of BuzzFeed.
  • How BuzzFeed operates
  • What BuzzFeed looks for while hiring new staffers
  • Jonah’s thinking about making viral content over the internet
  • Can extent of viral marketing predictable?
  • What is Jonah’s advice to his students to make content viral over the internet?
  • Jonah remembers Andrew Breitbart in this interview.

Video: Jonah Peretti Talks About BuzzFeed
 (Released in March, 2012)

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