oDesk case studyOutsourcing and virtual assistance are the two commonly used terminologies, these days. Organizations all around the world are hiring remote workers to get their work done at cheaper rates with the help of online marketplaces. One of the pioneers, who have brought employers and workers on a single platform, is oDesk. oDesk is the short form of ‘Online Desk’. oDesk.com was launched in 2005 from Redwood City, CA by the two Greek entrepreneurs; Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis.

What is oDesk?

oDesk is the largest online marketplace that allows the global independent contractors to work for their clients, remotely. oDesk gives assurance for the payment of hours (tracked by its auto-tracking tool) worked by a contractor; however, fixed priced jobs are not guaranteed by oDesk for payment. oDesk charges 10% of the payment from its registered employers.

oDesk at a Glance

oDesk has been chosen as  the number one online marketplace in 2012 on the basis of collective annual earnings of its contractors. oDesk has 1.9 times more market share as compared to the second largest online marketplace. Today, oDesk has more than 3.1 million registered contractors and approximately 1.5 million jobs were posted in 2012 by the employers on it. Popularity of oDesk can be estimated from the fact that in the third quarter of 2012, alone, more than 9 million hours were worked.

Men Behind oDesk

Odysseas Tsatalos is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of oDesk. He has co-founded other businesses, BroadQuest Inc. and Intacct Corporation, before starting up oDesk. Odysseas received Ph.D., from University of Wisconsin at Madison, in Computer Science. Gary Swart is the Chief Executive Officer of the oDesk and has won several recognitions. Gary Swart holds B.S. in business administration from University of Maryland.

Watch the following video  in order to learn more about oDesk and its co-founders.

Video: oDesk CEO and Founder: Getting to Millions of Users (and $$$) per Month
(First YouTube Release: May, 2011)

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