Web hosting has continued to become increasingly popular thanks to the fact that a number of web developing programs have been created, making it possible for new web developers to easily get started, but also giving veterans a number of different options as well. Some sites are going to be simple in nature, while others are going to be more elaborate, designed to bring in a large number of visitors each day. Managing a website is usually the top priority for web developers, but once a site starts growing in popularity webmasters need to consider getting a dedicated server for their site.


The biggest advantage that a dedicated server offers is reliability. For sites with a smaller audience, this generally isn’t an issue. The more traffic a website gets though, the greater the chance the page will slow down for visitors, and even potentially crash. For businesses, or any type of site that has some sort of store stability is incredibly important. It isn’t just sites that feature some kind of store, any site that has information the user needs to input, or provide information for a user will need to reliably stay hosted in order to be a success.

A dedicated server offers such strong reliability because the website is the only thing that the server is hosting, so all of the resources are going directly to that one website and not being shared amongst other sites, unless the owner of the dedicated server has decided to host other sites. Dedicated servers easily have enough resources to reliably host several sites, even when they are consistently being bombarded by visitors.


Normally there are limits on what webmasters can do with their websites. This is to ensure that webmasters don’t overdo anything with their sites, stealing bandwidth away from whatever other sites are being hosted by the provider. A dedicated server gets rid of any limits, since the owner gets to choose what websites are hosted on the server. This can be a necessity for putting certain software on sites, and helps to keep the site from becoming slow for visitors.

Protection and Privacy

Any web hosting provider will do everything they can to offer privacy and protection, but it is much more difficult to manage multiple websites as opposed to just one or two. Part of that again goes back to customization, with that many sites it would just become too resource intensive to run the best security software on each hosted site. Any site known for having personal information greatly benefits from being run a dedicated server to ensure the most protection for their clients and customers.


Free hosting providers are going to be limited in how they interact with webmasters. Even with large support teams, there are just so many webmasters that will require assistance. Even when they are providing assistance, they can only spare so much time since they know that there are a number of other users that need help. With a dedicated server, it is easier to get support because it is a service that the webmaster pays for, ensuring a higher level of support.


Dedicated servers are usually too expensive for smaller websites to consider, especially since smaller sites really don’t need the benefits offered by having a dedicated server. In recent years, the costs of dedicated servers have greatly decreased though. Part of this is because they are becoming more popular, which means that there are more hosts offering dedicated servers. Another part comes from the continued technological growth, making it easier to maintain a dedicated server, and also increasing what dedicated servers are capable of.

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