Even if you are brand-new to doing business online, you have probably been told that you need to build “a list.” You’ve been told that this list is your real key to real profits. The potential to make money is just one of the many reasons to take up (or switch over to) email marketing. Here are some others.


1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Pixels have virtually no effect on the environment and do nothing to increase your carbon footprint. Paper, on the other hand, does.

2. It’s Faster

An email blast can be sent out and received in seconds. Direct mail, however, can take days to work its way through the postal system and get to its destination. Even then, it might sit on someone’s table or counter for weeks before the recipient gets around to opening it.

3. Tracking Is Easier

Almost every email list service has tracking mechanisms in place. These mechanisms will track the open rate of the emails you send out, the number of times the links contained within them get clicked, etc. These numbers are incredibly valuable to you. They help you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

For example, if an email has a very low open rate, it is a safe bet that your subject line was not enticing enough.

4. Email has a Personal Feel

Email feels a lot more personal than a piece of direct mail. This is partly because most list services can put personal details about each recipient into the email he or she receives.

Mostly, though, it is because people still view email as a personal method of communication. Yep—even with all of the spam bots out there, email still feels personal and like an individual letter.

5. Email Is Cheaper

Every email list service has a monthly fee. You’re allowed to send as much mail as you want up to a certain number of recipients, and it all falls under that fee. This is not the case with traditional direct mail, where you are charged per piece for printing as well as sending it through the system. With email you can send an email out every day if you want to (though it is not recommended).

6. Easier Personalization

Some email list services, like FanBridge, will ask the people who opt-in to your list for some personal data like a zip code as well as the standard name and email address. This allows you to tailor fit your messages to people based on where they live.

For example, if you want to run a promotion and give a discount to people from a certain part of the county, you can send mail out only to the people whose zip codes coincide with that area. You won’t have to worry about accidentally spamming people who won’t be able to take advantage of the offer.

If direct mail is working for you, it’s understandable that you would be hesitant about making the switch. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to give up one for the other. That’s the great thing about marketing: The more avenues you can take advantage of, the better for your business.


Erin Steiner is a freelance writer, blogger and vlogger from Portland, Oregon who writes about a wide variety of topics and people including prominent attorney Tim Broas.

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