increase adsense incomeGoogle Adsense is a program that helps website owners earn decent amount of money by placing ads in their websites. If you are familiar with some secrets to monetize Google Adsense program, then it can help you to make a high amount of online income. If we place the ads in proper and attractive places in your blog or website, it will attract more and more users. As a result of which, you will be able to get more clicks on the ads and by getting clicks we will earn more & more money. There are many ways to increase Adsense earnings which I am going to focus in this article.

We can increase Adsense income by several methods which include:

Use of proper keywords

If you want to get high amount of traffic to your blog or site, then it can be done by using low competition keywords related to the topic in the articles or blog posts. It will help you to get more & more organic traffic which will result in an increase in your Adsense income.

Posting interesting contents

The content posted in the site must be written in proper English. The articles should be interesting that will attract more and more users towards it.

Web page CTR

You need to choose the web page which has maximum web exposure and maximum CTR on it because if you know this data then you can place your ads on those web pages that will get you 20-50% more clicks on your ads and thus, it will increase your earning.

Proper placing of advertisements

You will have to go through the process of framing the content, designing your ads, colors, text framing and aliments of your ads on your web page which means in this you have to look after the methods of placing the ads on the webpages that should be bright and sparkling.

Web page content

You must also take care about your web page content and CTR of your web page. If your ads are not getting good CTR on a web page, then you must use SEO tactics for that website to get maximum clicks so that your ads can get good CTR.

Originality of the contents

The articles and web contents published on your blog must be unique and should not be copied from any other article, website or data sites. You can easily check the originality of your web page contents using any of the online plagiarism detector software.


You should have all the records that are related to your web page and related to your ads. You have to keep records of your advertisement visitors and your web page visitors. By doing this, you can easily get information about your ads, like which one is the most attractive or which is having more CTR on it.

There are many more to cover in this and you should do modification of your website or your web page regularly. By doing this, your site will get good PageRank as a result of which your ads will get good CTR and by getting high CTR, you will be able to generate good income.

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